Sunday, December 16, 2012

Status Evan

11.55, Suva, Fiji.

Evan’s fury is has grown.  The buses and cars are rushing their way to their homes. Birds have hid themselves and a lonely Meyna was spotted flying backwards from my veranda. The doors are now rattling and the windows are weeping.  From a distant, I think I heard a scream but most probably it’s the wind whistling.
The electricity has also left our company and Facebook is on fire once again. Videos and photos from friends is all that is left to update us on their security.

The worse part… it’s just the beginning.

Evan, You may come now.

The winds are getting rougher and the rain is getting harder. Cyclone Evan is much anticipated than not: in order that it comes and goes away as quickly as it can.

Two days now I have been spending my time indoors looking outside every second and very minute. Being a cyclone virgin is not helping my state as it’s only making me more anxious than the rest. Sometimes I am picturing the worse, something like my house would fall if the cyclone hits, and at the same time I feel there is no harm in having a stroll outside.

The electricity is still running but might also be cut short if things exacerbates.  I have nothing to do but ogle at my water stock and rations, planning every time I see them: how to divide the stock between days and nights? Also being careful not to eat everything away at once, since there is nothing much to do but eat.

I wonder if the office is open but don’t care much to call and inquire.  The cars are heard to be in motion on the roads and I fathom I am the only coward stuck inside the four walls of her house. But being an obedient girl like I always have been, I am taking no chances to challenge the wrath of nature, and should rather resume to my writings now.